Why Objeck?
This project grew out of a fascination with object-oriented languages and runtime systems and later JIT compilers. Originally, the idea was to create a simple object-oriented language to test out ideas on stack based code execution. That grew into creating a general-purpose programming language and adding support for various platforms. Luckily, the initial architecture of the compiler and VM made extending the language an intuitive process.

When and where was it developed?
The current incarnation of the language was developed in late 2008. Prior to that a number of prototypes where released to test out compiler and VM concepts under the name StackVM. Development started in Denver with much of it was done at a bar called Forest Room 5. Inital development was done on OS X with ports created for Linux and Windows (now the dominate platform).

What’s next?
Per v3.1 most of the original design goals where met. I imagine there will be a couple maintenance releases, other then that I’m open to suggestions. I’m also looking for interested developers (with good ideas) to jump in to become component owners.

What music do you program to?
Hip-hop, Doors, Led Zeppelin and jazz.