Collection.GenericGeneric collections (-lib gen_collect)
Data.CSVProcess and perform calculations on CSV files (-lib csv.obl)
Data.JSONSupport for parsing JSON strings and documents (-lib json.obl)
Data.XMLSupport for parsing XML documents (-lib xml)
Database.ODBCDatabase access support via ODBC (-lib odbc)
EncryptionProvides encryption and encoding functionality (-lib encrypt)
Game.Framework2D gaming framework that uses SDL2 (-lib sdl_game)
Game.SDL2General SDL2 wrapper (-lib sdl2)
Query.RegExRegular expression engine (-lib regex.obl)
Query.StructuredSupports processing of semi-structured data (-lib query)
SystemCore system classes
System.APISystem API Bundle
System.ConcurrencySystem support for threads and runtime concurrency
System.DiagnosticsSupport for basic code diagnostics (-lib diags)
System.IOProvides I/O functions
System.IO.FileSupports file I/O operations
System.IO.NetProvides network support
System.IntrospectionAllow programmers to introspect the runtime elements
System.MatrixProvides support for matrix math
System.TimeProvides support for dates and times
System.UtilityProvides support utilities (-lib misc)
Web.FastCgiSupport for the FastCGI web server protocol (-lib fcgi.obl)
Web.HTTPWeb client support (-lib net)
Web.RSSProvides support for RSS (-lib rss)