a programming language


CollectionCollection classes
Data.CSVProvides a mechanism to search and perform calculations on CSV files.
Data.JSONSupport for paring JSON strings and documents
Data.XMLSupport for parsing XML documents
Database.ODBCProvides basic data access support via ODBC.
EncryptionProvides encryption and encoding functionality
Game.FrameworkWrapper around SDL2 graphic libraries
Game.SDL2SDL2 wrapper
Query.RegExRegular expression engine
Query.StructuredSupports processing of semi-structured data
SystemCore sytem classes
System.APISystem API Bundle
System.ConcurrencySystem support for threads and runtime concurrency
System.IOProvides I/O functions
System.IO.FileSupports file I/O operations
System.IO.NetProvides network support
System.IntrospectionAllow programmes to introspect the runtime elements
System.MatrixProvides support for matrix math
System.TimeProvides support for dates and times
Web.FastCgiSupport for the FastCGI web server protocol
Web.HTTPWeb client support